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TaiZhou YueZhou pipe industry is engaged in the development and production of pipe fittings and the operation of the industrial chain of professional firms. The company R & D innovation modified engineering plastics, new products to the industry and businesses, users alike. Is the pioneer and leader of China's copper tube. Has been a number of national patents. One of the options for the use of engineering plastics manufacturing of copper pipe race, is the traditional metal fittings ideal upgrade replacement products.

A new generation of PP-R plastic threaded pipe after the National Chemical Building Materials Center qualified. Replace the previous metal threaded insert pipe, containing zinc, lead and other elements, will damage the body, water pollution and other drawbacks. The pipe fittings to meet the national GB/T18742.3-2002 "hot and cold water with polypropylene pipe system third parts: pipe fittings". With environmental health and other quality characteristics. And obtain the national patent, the Pacific quality insurance, National Engineering Construction recommended products.

We uphold the quality first, customer service business philosophy, and constantly improve themselves, to create a win-win situation and common prosperity, and everyone together towards a new era of green environmental protection health pipeline.


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